Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information


Without volunteers SMC cannot operate.  It’s as simple as that.  No one is getting paid, at any level.  You can help out by volunteering either before, during or after the event.  Remember; You can still run if you volunteer.  Volunteering is giving something back and most people who help out find a rewarding experience.  If you’re injured you could come and help out on a drink station.  You could win $100, plus you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you’re part of SMC and helping your fellow runners out.  


In the 2013/2014 season we’ve rewarded a group of core volunteers who have said they will help out at the majority of races by giving them a 100% discount off their race fees.  These core volunteer positions are currently filled for this season, but if you’re interested telling us you’re available to be considered for the core volunteer list, let us know and we’ll keep a note of your name.


We still need people to help out when they can.  And for those casual volunteers we’re going to try and reward you as well:

  • Each time you volunteer you must get your name recorded in the volunteer roster for that month.  You will then receive one entry into the end of season draw to win a $100 cash.  So the more times you help out, the more chance you have of winning!  It is your responsibility to ensure your name is recorded on the day.  We will not be dealing with “my name isn’t in the book but I really did volunteer” emails.  Anyone who volunteers will be entered into this draw, whether they are core volunteers or casual volunteers.  There will be  a total of five $100 cash prizes for the season. 


  • If you volunteer, but do not run, we will give you one SMC awards night dinner ticket at the end of the season.  That is an estimated $50 value.  A maximum of one ticket will be given per person.
If you, of a family member, can help out in any way, please email us, we really appreciate all the help we get.