Results 2016/2017

  1. Sunday 25th September 2016
  2. Sunday 16th October 2016
  3. Sunday 20th November 2016
  4. Sunday 18th December 2016
  5. Sunday 15th January 2017
  6. Sunday 19th February 2017
  7. Sunday 19th March 2017
  8. Sunday 16 April 2017
  9. Sunday 14th May 2017

If there are any issues with the results please let us know via email: results [at]

If your division is ‘incorrect’, remember we calculate your age as at the first race, 25th September 2016.

Tips on getting the results published faster:

  1. Wear you own bib, and wear it on the front of your body.
  2. Start with the correct race, don’t run the 10km but start with 5km group.
  3. Run over the middle of the timing mats. Don’t run around the side of them.
  4. Don’t go near the timing mats before or after your race. Walking across them to get to your car will activate your timing chip.
  5. Record your name on the early starters list if you are starting early for the HM or 30km events.
  6. Tell someone if you do not finish your race.

Please do not email us asking when the results will be published, we are not keeping them from you, as soon as we have them, we will publish them.