Registration Help

Help With The Registration Process

You need help with the registration process.  Read the guide below and it should help.  If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First of all you’re going to be asked for your email address and a password, then you’ll be asked for your personal details.  Name, address, emergency contact details etc.

Please take the time to complete this correctly.  If possible, do not use your work email address if you only have access to it when you’re at work, you may miss important email updates.


You’ll then be asked for the activities you wish to purchase.


SMC Membership

You’re going to be asked if you wish to be an SMC member, we hope you do.  This is entirely optional, if you do not wish to be a member, that’s fine.  If you do wish to be a member, great, select the $20.00 from the drop down box.

Remember, that membership does not include any races, you must purchase these separately.


Purchasing Multiple Race Entry

You want to save money and time and buy multiple races at the same time.  Select either 3, 6 or 9 races for your desired distance  5km, 10km or half marathon.  Remember there are nine races in the season and any races you buy can only be used for this current season.  If you want to mix and match you can.  So you could buy three 5km races, three 10km races and three half marathon races.

If you buy six 10km races you may run in any six 10km races throughout the season.  You do not need to tell us which races you are attending.


Purchasing Single Race Entry

If you want to purchase a single race.  Select the required distance from the drop down menu.  It’s as simple as that.  Race 2 will only go on sale after race 1 has been completed.  Race 3 will be on sale after race 2 has been completed, and so on.


Completing Your Registration

When you’re happy, click ‘Continue’ and you’ll be taken to the checkout page.  Review your activities very carefully.  Refunds will not be issued.  Ensure you have actually purchased some races!


“I’ve registered, now what?”

Once you’ve registered you’ll need to pick up your bib.  Your bib is your race number.  It will have a timing tag stuck to the back of it, which will record your official race time.

You need to collect your bib at the first race you attend.  Please leave plenty of time for this, especially if it’s the first race of the season.  We’ll give you your bib, you attach it to your shirt or race belt etc, and you run.  That’s it.  Once you have you bib, you will use it at all future races you have registered for in that  season.  You never need to go to the registration desk again.