Race Day Help

Race day – What you need to do

If you’ve never been to an SMC run before, the following should tell you everything you need to know.  Even if you are an SMC regular some things have changed this year, so please take the time to read this.


Start and Finish Line Locations

The start and finish line are in the same location,  at Gipps Road Sporting Complex, at the junction of Long Road and Gipps Road, Smithfield, Sydney.



Please, do not park at the start area, we cannot stress that enough.  Park at Rosford Street Reserve, Smithfield and walk across to the new start line.  Parking is also available in surrounding streets near the new start line, e.g. Long Street.  The following map shows how to get from the parking to the new start line.  Please do not park in the local businesses parking surrounding the start area, they may require access and you risk being towed or clamped.

Where the purple dot on the map below is, there is a tunnel underneath the road.  You need to use this tunnel, do not cross over the road as it is a very dangerous place to cross.  Please walk the extra 25 metres and be safe.  We cannot stress that enough.

Do not park on the grass verge near the start line as you risk being towed away.

Do not park in the local business parking areas as you risk being towed away.


Bib Collection And Registration

You will collect your bib and timing chip at the first race you attend.  The timing chip will be stuck to the back of your bib, leave it there!  You will need to leave plenty of time to collect your bib.  For race one, this should be at least 30 minutes before your race is due to start.

Once you have collected your bib you will keep it for the entire season.  If you never intend to run at SMC again, hand it back to us.

You do not need to do anything else except collect your race bib on the morning of your run.  Bibs will not be posted out.  You do not need to tell us which races you intend to run.  So long as you have paid and registered our systems will verify you as being eligible to run that race.


On The Day Registration

You can only register on the day as a repeat runner.  That means you have a bib and have been to SMC in the current season.  No new on the day registrations will be accepted, you must pay and register online.

Registration will close 15 minutes before the start of each race.  So the half marathon on day entry will close at 06:45am.  The 10km on day entry will close at 07:30am and the 5km on the day entry will close at 07:45am.  It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive with enough time to register.  The reason for these cut off times is due to our registration volunteers also being running runners and they need enough time to get ready for their race.  Please do not put us in the position where we have to turn you away.


Start Times

The 30km starts at 06:30am  The half marathon starts at 07:00am.  The 10km starts at 07:45am.  The 5km starts at 08:00am.  Make sure you are there with plenty of time to spare.  On race one you need at least 30 minutes before your race.  If you are registering on the day you need even more time, pay close attention to the cut off times.  We encourage you to register online, you’ll save $10 and go into the monthly prize draw.

Please note that if your expected finish time for the half marathon is over 2 hours 15 minutes you may start at 06:30am.  This new option has been introduced for slower runners so they are not on course by themselves, which was a common complaint of previous seasons.

This option is not for runners who are faster than 2 hours 15 minutes.  It is not option for people to start early as “they have other things they need to do later in the day.”  You cannot win the race starting in this early group.  For example: If you run an 80 minute half marathon and start at 06:30am and you are quicker than all runners in the 07:00am group, you will not win.  Please do not abuse this early start or you will be disqualified.



We have tried to get access to toilet facilities at the new start area, but at this time have not been granted access to them.  So toilet facilities are at Rosford Street Reserve.  There are no toilets you can use at the new start line area.


Post Race Refreshments

A selection of platters will be available post race.  We’ve done our best to calculate how much food we’ll need, but it’s not an exact science with so many people.  This food is free.  There will also be water and cans of soft drink, Pepsi, Solo, Lemonade etc available.   At some races we may have a free BBQ instead.  The will also be frsh fruit such as watermelon and oranges.  This is all free.


The Course

Full details, including maps and videos, are available on our website here.  The course will be fully marked, with KM markers, so it should be impossible to get lost.  Be aware that you will cross a Busway twice.  Buses have priority and you may have to stop.  Be careful.  Be respectful to other users of the path.  It is open to the public.  Any incidents could threaten the future of SMC.  Also please be considerate to local residents.

  • Stay left on course
  • Be aware of the route
  • Pay attention to all instructions given to you
  • Give way to other users, this is a fun run, not the Olympics
  • If you are asked to stop at the busway, you must stop.  Please be very careful crossing it, buses have priority over runners
  • Be respectful to other users
  • Self seed correctly.  If you’re fast, move to the front of the pack, if slow, move to the back
  • Any incidents could threaten the future of SMC – We can only advise you of the rules, it is your responsibility as a runner to comply with them.  Please do so


Prams and MP3 players

MP3 players, CD players, Walkmans etc are banned at SMC.  Please do not use them.  The path is open to the public.  You have to cross a busway.  You need to be aware of your surroundings and any instructions given to you.  You will be disqualified if you have headphones on during the race, no argument will be entered into.

Running prams are welcome.  But use your common sense when running with one.


Drink Stations

There are three drink stations on course.  One between the 2km and 2.5km point, one at the 5km point and one at the start/finish area.  They will stock water, sports drink and jelly beans.


Bag Drop

You may leave your bag and possessions at the start/finish area at your own risk.  The area will be undercover but we can take no responsibility for items which get wet, go missing and so on.


 More Questions?

If you need more help, email us at smcroadraceseries@gmail.com